Friday, June 22, 2007

Next Execution:

Calvin Shuler;

USA (South Carolina) Calvin Alphonso Shuler (m), black, aged 40

Calvin Shuler is scheduled to be executed in South Carolina on 22 June. He was sentenced to death in 1998 for the murder of James Brooks during an armed robbery in 1997.

On 3 December 1997, three guards in an armoured van were collecting and delivering money to banks in the Low County area near Charleston. When they arrived at the First National Bank of Harleyville, a man wearing army fatigues and a camouflage face mask ordered the two guards out of the driver and passenger seat at gunpoint. After the assailant had climbed into the driver’s seat, he and the remaining guard, James Brooks, who was in the back of the van, exchanged gunfire through the mesh that separated the cab and the rear of the vehicle. The attacker threw a handgun out of the van window before driving off at speed. The van was found, with James Brooks dead in it and $1,555,400 in cash still in the vehicle. A search revealed an assault rifle, a box of ammunition and a bloody ski mask hanging on a tree. The handgun thrown from the vehicle was also recovered, and traced to Calvin Shuler’s late mother. The rifle, meanwhile, was traced to Demond Jones, the fiancé of Shuler’s cousin. Jones had purchased the weapon at Shuler’s request.

Calvin Shuler subsequently confessed to the crime. In November 1998, a jury found him guilty of murder, armed robbery and kidnapping and voted for a death sentence.

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